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We were so happy when hear one good review from our user. Here is our user review

My daughter got so carried away she asked me (Dad) if she could send me a few pictures of her 4 yr old son. I was pleased to say yes. My phone started sounding off approximately 9:00pm. From 9:00pm until nearly midnight my phone didn’t stop receiving pictures and videos. Your product found over 285 of same photos and around 11 or 12 identical videos! If that was not surprising enough, your product found all these duplicates in just a few seconds! This is a five plus star product. Others offer what this product delivers. I don’t have a Facebook Account and I have paid 12.95 I think for the first month. I’m still in trial mode. Do you have a method in which I can purchase your product for the “Lifetime Edition?” If not please inform me how I can purchase the “Lifetime Edition.” -Super Product… Thanks- 3006bg

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Check this app in: https://apps.apple.com/US/app/id1460335630?l=en

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